Klaser For iOS — Now Keep Everything In Its Place

KlaserWe all have a lot of content on our phone, and it’s scattered all over the place. Some in albums, some in reminders, some in various recipe Apps and some in physical files, making it difficult to manage. To solve this problem, Upton Sp. z o.o. has launched Klaser, an organiser App for iPhone. It’s a single place for all your information with easy access. Klaser provides a methodological way of saving information and data, helping you store them in an organised way.

Content and Features


Klaser has the benefit of adding pictures to it. This serves as a handy visual memory for most of your information for which a picture is available. With Klaser you’re able to create separate collections within which you can create a list of things or related items that you would need to access later on. The collections can be for different areas like home, work, travel, kids, recipes and much more. The good thing is instead of cluttering the albums with pictures of furniture or dishes or DIYs, we can easily add them to Klaser under different collections with description for future reference.

According to Klaser, it helps to manage and search your content with:

  • descriptions
  • collections
  • tags
  • timestamps
  • maps
  • search
  • center list & grid view
  • share through AirDrop or via email

When adding anything to these collections you can create a list with description which can be long or short, associated tags, related location info and a photo. The items within your collections can be displayed in list form or as thumbnails. These items can also be viewed on map or searched by keywords or tags. Klaser helps to remember things by easily linking it to pictures or map location, like recipe pictures or bills of a shopping location.

The navigation is very simple. On opening Klaser you get a view of your collections. You can also choose a different view by places, tags and also use search for whatever you had listed before. Opening each collection gives you a list created under it. The App is currently free, but Upton has plans to either make it chargeable or include a premium in-app purchase option of approx $2.99.

Design and Appearance


Klaser has a plain and simple UI. It is very clean, making it a simple content organiser with no diversions from its core objective. It’s a clutter-free design with no pictures or background images. Navigation, adding and retrieving data is very easy.

Some Sample Klaser uses


To make it easy for us to understand why we need Klaser Upton has given some examples wherein Klaser becomes a handy and a useful solution:

Everyday life

  • memorize recommended books
  • capture new recipes
  • plan your evening party outfit
  • save labels of your favourite wines
  • picture current medications
  • capture the stuff you lend
  • remember position of plugs
  • remember your gym schedule

Mom’s world

  • kids health papers
  • kids observations
  • where is my kid SOS pic
  • husband’s shopping picture tips


  • run your inventory
  • save proof of your valuables
  • keep document copies with you
  • keep photos of family license plates
  • file information when you don’t want to rewrite it
  • save your receipts before they fade away
  • car photos for the insurance company


  • picture timetables while in a trip
  • mileage of a rented car
  • don’t forget the parking slot number
  • carry family health cards, passports and visa pics
  • subway line pics
  • capture hotel and street names in a foreign country
  • before you leave, stove off position is a must take pic


  • keep measurements of your appliance’s parts
  • remember dates on oil-change tag
  • picture stuff you need to sell while cleaning


  • price labels of the items you want to buy
  • photo your outfits while shopping to compare
  • menu from nearby bar
  • clothing tags
  • makeup or hair coloring shade and its name


  • Coins
  • Stamps
  • Comics
  • Books
  • Vines
  • Vinyls
  • Arts
  • Toys
  • Sports
  • Cards
  • Action Figures

Klaser’s Positive features:

  1. Easy navigation
  2. Picture association
  3. Good stuff organiser by having collections and items

Klaser’s Negative feature:

  1. No reminder which may be useful for some lists like medicines, documentation filings, etc.

The Verdict!

Klaser can be a useful tool for people for not only organizing their day to day activities but also their files and information. The App can be further improved by including a reminder service in a future upgrade. You can download Klaser from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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