Japan’s Upcoming Apple Store Sports An Eco-friendly ‘Green Curtain’

Apple Store

Apple’s environment crusade is not mere words and news articles; in fact Apple ensures it saves energy wherever and whichever way it can. Apple’s upcoming store in Omotesando, Japan is coming up with a new environmental friendly design not yet seen at any other store. Spotted by Japanese Apple blog Mac Otakara, the upcoming Apple Store seems to have an eco-friendly “green curtain.” It’s made of thick green vines and covers an entire side of the outlet. The other areas are completely covered by construction barriers so we can’t rule out the probability of Green curtain on other sides too. The store is expected to get operational by June end.

Intially it was an all glass wall for more natural light, but it caused an inevitable rise in temperature. The Green curtain will help in saving the power consumption cost related to cooling. The construction barriers have a swirl of leaves with the words “Apple Store, Omotesando coming soon.” The green leaf in the whole artwork is same as the green leaf used during the environmental day campaign.

Image: Courtesy of Mac Otakara

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