iPhone 6 Rear Panel Image Leak

iPhone 6We have a latest iPhone 6 image leak by Australian Blog Macfixit. The leaked image is of the rear shell of iPhone 6. According to the blog, they obtained the image from their contact in China. The image has no scale or dimensions but claims to be of iPhone 6, 4.7” model. It has a cut-out of the Apple logo in the middle segment.

The image of rear shell is very much in line with the old image leaks and presumptions about the soon to be launched phone. It shows clearly a three segmented panel, rounded corners, and a circular cut-out for the LED flash. The case appears to be covered in a green protective plastic film, but we can see the real silver color between the flash and camera cut-outs.

iPhone 6

In the past we have seen iPhone 6  leaks related to front panel, dummy, cases, industrial Model, Chassis, Backlight and a video of dummy iPhone 6. The 4.7” iPhone 6 is due for release in September this year and the larger 5.5” probably by the end of this year.

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