iPhone 4S (Steve Phone) Still Popular Among Buyers

iphone4sLaunched in 2011, Apple’s iPhone 4S is still a preferred option by buyers. iPhone 4S accounts for 25 percent of all iPhones sold by the company in the last quarter. Apple revealed that 85 percent of the iPhone 4S buyers in the last quarter were first time iPhone users, so in all legacy iPhone 4S helped in acquisition of around 10 million new users to the Apple platform as calculated by Analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham & Company since Apple never shares the breakdown of sales. The latest launch, iPhone 5S accounted for 71 percent i.e. 31.02 million units while the iPhone 5C only 4 percent i.e. 1.75 million units of total iPhone sales for the last quarter.

In a note to investors, Analyst Charlie Wolf worked around the average selling price of iPhone for the last quarter to get to the individual numbers for each iPhone. The average selling price of the iPhone was $596 coming from $650 as starting price for the iPhone 5S, $550 for the iPhone 5C and $450 for iPhone 4S.

In the last quarter, iPhone exceeded the expectations in sales and showed an increase by 17 percent with a total 43.7 millions units sold.

iPhone 4S was launched a day before Steve Jobs passed and many people consider it as iPhone 4S (S for Steve). It was the first phone to have voice driven personal assistant “Siri”.

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