iOS 8 Banners Up At Moscone Center Prior To WWDC


With the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) right around the corner, Apple has started putting up banners at the West sector of the Moscone Center, San Francisco.

Published by Jay Yarrow from Business Insider, the images show a banner donning the iOS 8 Logo with an oceanic background.

This obviously further confirms that we will be seeing the newer iOS 8 at the Conference this Monday. Along with iOS 8, we are expecting Mac OSX 10.10 and Healthbook to be unveiled. There are also rumors on a new ‘Smart Home’ system that would act as a central hub to connect capable appliances to connect with Apple devices, however, speculation suggests that that might not be the case, and Apple may simply be introducing a certification program that lets iDevice users know whether their devices are compatible with that appliance or not.

Stay tuned as we cover anything and everything on WWDC, this Monday.

Image: Courtesy of Jay Yarrow.

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