iMessage Bug Results In Lost Messages On Switching From iPhone

imessageSwitching from iPhone to Android or any other OS makes you miss messages from your iPhone contacts. iMessage is a messaging feature for iPhone users to save their money that converts text message to iMessage and then sends using Apple’s service rather than the network. iMessage is available across iOS devices only.

But what happens when you switch from Apple? You don’t receive messages from iPhone users instead they get lost, and the sender continues to receive read receipts.

Adam Pash former lead editor for Lifehacker terms this problem as “iMessage purgatory”. He contacted the AppleCare in regard to this problem to which they explained:

  1. This is a problem a lot of people are facing.
  2. The engineering team is working on it but is apparently clueless as to how to fix it.
  3. There are no reliable solutions right now — for some people the standard fixes work immediately; many others are in my boat.

Apple needs to work on the solution for it, as switching phone makes a user miss all the messages sent from another iPhone.

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