Google/YouTube To Acquire Twitch For $1 Billion

twitchTwitch is an extremely popular video game streaming site which apparently has got more peak traffic than Facebook. The San Francisco-based company lets users upload and watch, live gameplay videos for free that can be streamed from Microsoft Xbox and PlayStation 4 consoles. According to Twitch, it has more than 45 million monthly users of which more than 1 million members upload videos each month. It also distributes CBS Interactive’s GameSpot, Joystiq and Destructoid shows on it.

Though the concept is very unique and only gels with one set of audience, but it’s increasing popularity has made Google’s YouTube interested in its acquisition. YouTube might very soon go for the deal in an all-cash offer of $1 Billion.

Justin Kan and Emmett Shear, co-founders of launched Twitch.Tv in June 2011. Justin.Tv was one of the first websites to host user generated livestreaming videos. Noting the increase in its game streaming videos and channels the co-founders decided to launch a separate streaming site for games, Twitch.Tv. Emmet Shear is the Twitch.Tv. The company has independently raised about $35 million in funding.

Sources: Variety

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