Google Maps Update For Android Reintroduces Terrain Mode View

Google MapsA new update for Google Maps is available for Android users. The update is not loaded with too many features; in fact it reintroduces the old and popular Terrain Mode View. Terrain Mode View gives a topographic view which lets you easily see the various elevation changes in surrounding hills, mountains, and valleys. It was removed from Google Maps Version 7 for unknown reasons.

Terrain View helps hikers, climbers, and mountain bikers, by showing them the relative difficulty of routes and trails. Though it can’t be compared to 3D view on Google Earth, it does deliver a fair idea to the adventure enthusiast.

There’s also a slight update in the UI. Map previews for the first available route has been added to biking and walking views.  Also, a few extra icons have been added to options page as a reminder of the method user is choosing: driving, walking, public transport or biking. There’s also repositioning of information besides minor font changes. The biking and walking option page is quite similar to the driving page in that it shows mini maps and ‘start navigation’ button.

The update for the Google Maps App can be installed from here.

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