Google Interested In Dropcam, Might Consider A Purchase

DropcamAfter the acquisition of Nest, the company that makes high-tech thermostats and smoke alarms, it looks like Google is interested in Dropcam as well and might be considering buying the company. Dropcam is a company that sells cameras and offers cloud-based remote monitoring. It also offers live streaming and two-way talk through an App and could be accessed with either a smartphone or a computer from anywhere. Last year, a Dropcam investor claimed that “Dropcam can do for surveillance cameras what Nest did for thermostats”. This statement shows that the two companies are more or less in sync with their basic principles. The reason that Google is interested in Dropcam could be that Google is apparently making an effort to enter the “Connected Home” or “Smart Home System” arena. If Nest and Dropcam can have a merged product it would be a security and monitoring system that could be both monitored and controlled remotely.

It seems though that aside from Google there are other companies that are eying Dropcam. Even as news comes out that Google is interested in Dropcam, other companies including Apple are communicating with Dropcam. According to sources, Apple is planning on making a system that utilizes the iPhone to remotely control security, lighting, and other systems. Dropcam would be a big addition to the mix if Apple acquired the company.

Who would eventually merge with Dropcam still remains to be seen. It is clear that Google is interested in Dropcam because it could offer a great potential for its “Smart Home System” bid, but there are other giants, like Apple, who could also benefit from the acquisition of the company. TheAppleGoogle will keep you posted on the eventual outcome of this issue and we will try to find out what kickass systems could be developed when Dropcam gets merged with other security systems.

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