Flashback For iOS — Create Everlasting Memories With A Tap Of Your Finger

FlashbackWith the camera on iPhones and iPads getting better with each version of the devices it’s no surprise that there has been an increase in photo and video Apps on the App Store. The Photo & Video category is slowly becoming saturated with new Apps. The upside of this is that each new App has to offer something unusual to the users to make itself stand out. And Flashback for iOS does exactly that. It goes above and beyond the usual editing, filtering, etc. by creating a montage of memories.

Content and Features


To use Flashback you can either transport all your images and videos on your phone to the Flashback App or start by creating a new album. As with any other photo App you are presented with a photo screen to begin taking photos. The unique functionality of Flashback, and what gives it its name, is its ability to “magically” record the five seconds before each photo is taken. This not only captures the moment but also produces a short video of the moments leading up to your photo. This functionality alone is worth the App. As the sample Flashback video shows, you can be on a holiday and take photos as you would usually do. But in addition to these photos you now also have a collection of short videos. These videos can be arranged in any order you like to create a beautiful montage of your holiday memories. You also have the option to enhance this Flashback video by adding music, filters and various transitions between frames.

Flashback also provides the ability to edit the individual photos with most of the usual options, such as filters, frames, effects, sharpness, etc. Other fun options include stickers, splash of colours and the ability to turn the photo into a Meme.

Design and Appearance


Flashback UI is clean and highly intuitive. Although, when you start, you are presented with instructions to help you use the App, you will soon find that most of the functionalities are self explanatory. It’s extremely easy to edit and save the photos. Building of the video montage may take an attempt or two but can be quickly mastered.

Flashback’s Positive Features

1. Exciting and interesting montage building functionality.
2. Extensive editing features for both photos and videos.
3. Clean UI.
4. Easy to use.

Flashback’s Negative Features

1. Sometimes adding filters to the video can take a long time and there’s no clean way of exiting that option.

The Verdict

Flashback is a fantastic App for people who like to organise their photos and videos to create long lasting memories. At $1.99 it’s reasonably priced for all the exciting features it provides. You can purchase Flashback for iPhone and iPad from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4/5

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