Confirmed: Multiplayer Flappy Bird Coming Back To App Store In August

flappybirdThis August, multiplayer version of Flappy Bird will be available for download on the App Store according to game developer Dong Nguyen. Nguyen confirmed about it to CNBC’s Kelly Evans who tweeted, “Flappy Bird’s Dong Nguyen: Flappy Bird is coming back. Multiplayer. August.”

Here’s the tweet:

Launched earlier this year, Flappy Bird was the #1 hit game on the App Store. Available for free download, the game required great skills to master it as it was tough to guide the bird through a series of pipes. The new game is supposed to be less addictive than the previous versions.

Dong Nguyen was making more than $50,000 per day from the advertising in the game. The game was removed from App Store early February because of its supposed addictive qualities. But this August users will again get to play the extremely addictive Flappy Bird in a multiplayer mode.

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