Colorbay for iOS – All Your Photos In One Place

colorbaySo, you have your photos uploaded across numerous websites and viewing each site one by one is just too much work? Colorbay, developed by MetaRain, allows you to easily and quickly find photos across many different photo hosting sites with just a single tap.

Content and Features


To completely use Colorbay, all you have to do is sync your accounts and see the magic happen. Colorbay allows you to connect social accounts from 500px, Flickr, Instagram, Pixter and You also have the option to sync your accounts later. After adding your accounts, Colorbay will present you with categories to choose from such as Landscape, Nature, and Macro etc. Selecting a category causes it to go gray with a check mark. Moving on, Colorbay neatly arranges your photos into irregular sized tiles. Tapping with two fingers initiates Auto Scroll. You can either start or stop the scroll with double tapping. Moreover, swiping down brings up the menu which allows you to access your timeline, likes, photos and categories. Tapping on a photo enlarges it and shows detail. Each photo has a tiny tag, in the lower right hand side, which indicates on which the site the photo is posted. Colorbay also allows you to control the app using buttons; refresh button in the bottom left, Auto Scroll control in the bottom right and menu button in the top right. In the settings, you can add more accounts and browse sources. Lastly, you can also toggle notifications, on-screen buttons and signatures.

Design and Appearance


Colorbay has a minimalistic design and appearance. You can quickly find photos from different sites and like them. Colorbay has iOS matching layout and the features are quite unique. However, we found the double tap to control Auto Scroll to delay at times and the background being too dark.

Colorbay’s Positive Features:

– Minimalist design
– Auto scroll
– All photos in one app
– Completely free

Colorbay’s Negative Features:

– Double tap lags at times
– Dark background color

The Verdict!

Overall, we recommend using Colorbay for its efficient photo discovery and simple design. Colorbay is available on the App Store for free for both iPhone and iPad from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4.5/5

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