Bedazzle Me For iOS: A Dazzling New Camera App

Bedazzle MeBedazzle Me, created by Virtual Jungle LLC, is a fun new camera App that adds excitement to the usual, everyday photos. With this App users can add ornaments, fancy teeth, masks and much more to their pictures to make them more fun.

Content and Features

Bedazzle Me

Bedazzle Me has a number of dazzling images of necklaces, watches, and other such ornaments and jewellery that can be added to your picture. It’s very easy to add these images. The photos can be obtained from either existing picture collection or a new image can be clicked. Tapping the + sign on the App takes you to the ornament library to choose the one that you’d like to add to the picture. Once the ornament is added you can tilt, enlarge or minimise it to fit in the best possible way on the image. Some ornaments have an option to change the colour too.

Bedazzle Me is free to download and has In-App purchase option for additional features. Fifteen ornament images are included in the free version, while many more can be purchased. Bedazzle Me also has a combo ornament–purchase option, which has around nine ornament combo packs. The App is also integrated with Facebook, allowing the users to pick friends’ profile pictures directly from Facebook, add ornaments to it and then post it back to Facebook or Twitter or mail it. Although the App is mostly fun to use, the advertisements can be quite distracting.

Design and Appearance

Bedazzle Me

Bedazzle Me has a very peppy design in line with the purpose of the App. The navigation is extremely easy, making it easy for users to play around with pictures and ornaments.

Bedazzle Me’s Positive features

  1. Funny App
  2. Adding ornaments to images
  3. Facebook integration

Bedazzle Me’s Negative Features

  1. Only fifteen free ornaments
  2. Image quality is not very good

The Verdict

Bedazzle Me is an App to have fun with and includes a good number of exciting ornaments, masks, teeth in its library which can be added to photos and shared on social media for fun. It would be nice to have a few more free ornaments. You can download Bedazzle Me for iOS from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 3/5

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