Apple’s Key Engineer John Harper Joins Facebook

John Harper

Apple’s core animation engineer, who was the inventor of gesture and scrolling animations in iOS, has left Apple to join the social networking giant, Facebook. As spotted by Daring Fireball on Twitter on Thursday, John Harper’s Twitter bio now states, “Was Apple’s Core Animation hacker.”

He has number of key software patents related to both OS X and iOS to his name. Along with many other graphics and display related patents, John Harper is one of the key inventors on the Apple patent Framework for Graphics Animation and Composting Operations.

According to John Harper’s LinkedIn Page, he spent ‘12 years and 1 month’ in Apple as Software Engineer. Besides his work in the field of animation he has also worked on the OS X windowing system, the Mac X11 ports, and other parts of the Mac and iPhone graphics systems. His Twitter page revealed he was joining the social networking company and will be working with the former Apple colleague Kimon Tsinteris.

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