Apple Unveils Smart Home Automation System AT WWDC

WWDCAccording to a report published today in the Financial Times, Apple will unveil smart home automation platform at WWDC which would allow the iPhone to act as a remote to control lighting, security systems and other connected household appliances. This will make iPhone act as a universal remote for the ‘internet of things’ inside your house.

The new software platform will be built into iOS 8, centralizing control and giving a common API for all the various smart devices in your home. Instead of managing through multiple Apps this would give a centralized control for a seamless experience.

According to Financial Times, the business model would be similar to Apple’s ‘Made for iPhone’ program, where it collects licensing fees for every device it approves. It might make the whole system run on low-energy Bluetooth LE, similar to services like AirPlay, CarPlay and iBeacon. On Apple’s nod, terms and post quality checks, companies would be able to make products specifically designed for iPhone’s smart home features. There are also rumors of NFC being built into the next iPhone, which could also assist in home automation system.

Apple’s move to launch Home Automation System follows Google’s $3.2bn acquisition of Nest Labs — makers of internet-connected thermostats and smoke alarms in January, and Samsung’s recent launch of its Smart Home range of refrigerators, washing machines and TVs that can be controlled from its smartphones and watches.

The connected-home automation system will give Apple customers more reasons to buy multiple devices in its iOS family.

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