Apple Loses To Google For Most Valuable Brand 2014

Most Valuable brandAccording to the Millward Brown annual BrandZ study, Apple, hailed by the same study as the Most Valuable Brand for the past three years, loses to Google for Most Valuable Brand 2014. It has been speculated that Google has been fast gaining on Apple in the past year and this year it finally overtook the tech giant.

The study, which has more emphasis on customer opinion than financial data, is by no means a measure of the actual financial and business status of the companies. Millard Brown uses financial information including projected future sales and customer surveys on what a company’s value is as elements for their calculations. Basically, “Brand Value” is calculated using “brand contribution”, a figure derived from customer surveys and certain financial data. To find out how it is computed exactly you can visit the Millward Brown Website for detailed information.

According to their calculations, Apple’s brand value is at $147,880,000 (down from last year’s $185 Billion), while Google comes ahead at $158,843,000 (previously calculated at around $113 Billion). Experts speculate the 2014 study results is due to Apple not yet unveiling any ground breaking technology for this year, while Google is more open on their current projects for potential customers to see the progress and anticipate the final result. Apple has still not unveiled “New Product Categories” and as usual is mum about their ongoing research, while Google is making a buzz with their wearable technology research. This attitude is seen as one of the contributing reasons why Apple fell behind and how Google becomes Most Valuable brand 2014.

As Google becomes Most Valuable brand 2014 and Apple follows close behind, other contenders for the top ten spots include AT&T, Microsoft, Visa and others.

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