TAB IT for iOS – Keep Track When Money Exchanges Hands

tabitTAB IT, developed by 500PERMEAL, is a neat application that not only keeps track of money IOU (I Owe You) but verify every amount you owe and that you’ve lent to somebody. Not only this but TAB IT prevents any arguments between you and your friends and keeps a record of your debt so you don’t need to stress yourself.

Upon launching TAB IT, you will be required to login in using your e-mail and password or using Facebook. You can also create an account through this page by tapping ‘Create’. In Create, you need to input your name, e-mail, password, phone and currency. TAB IT includes all international currencies so that you will not need to fuss around with the conversion later. After you are done, TAB IT will allow you to instantly start keeping record of your money. Using Multi-Tab, you can input the amount of money and then select if your friends owe you money or if you owe money to someone.


After this, the layout will change which allows you to add a Geo tag, description, photo and message to the amount so that you can remember what the amount owed is for. Also, through Multi-Tab, you can split the amount between friends. Moreover, TAB IT shows your transactions in a chronological order and shows an overall view of your behavior. However, the IOU’s you create need to be approved by the other party so that you don’t present yourself with false IOU’s. Inviting more friends allows you to take full advantage of the App.


TAB IT has a clear and easy to use layout. All features are quickly accessible and the appearance is minimalistic. The color scheme is in accordance with iOS 7 and TAB IT frequently updates to keep your IOU’s up to date.

Positive features:

– Straightforward Design

– Accept or Reject IOU’s

– Quick syncing

Negative features:

– Cannot change currency

– Updating not in background

Overall, TAB IT is an innovative app and especially useful if you have your money moving from hand to hand. TAB IT is available on the App Store for free for both iPhone and iPad.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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