Steve Jobs 2011 Emails Reveal Apple Strategy


The disclosure of the “Top 100” email conversation between Steve Jobs and his top executives shows the agenda, vision Apple had for 2011 and the future plans for his products and services. The mail was produced to convince the court that Apple was in competition with Google, and not Samsung and hence it should not be held liable for patent violations.

The mail is quite comprehensive and covers eleven points to be covered during the secret strategy meeting between Steve Jobs and his top executives. Apple has this “Top 100” strategy meeting almost every year, where it discusses the way forward.

The 2011 strategy is the first point which has points on organization set-up and the head counts to be discussed during the meeting. Besides, it also talks about “Holy War with Google” as the primary reason for the meeting. The iOS Strategy point stresses on catching up with Android where Apple was behind like notifications, tethering, speech and leapfrogging them with Siri.

The iPhone 2011 Strategy talks about the three models in pipeline ‘plus’ iPhone 4 (iPhone 4S), iPhone 5, a low-cost iPhone Model based on iPod touch that got scrapped as 3GS was quite successful, and an LTE version that got incorporated in the iPhone 5.

It has a section dedicated to MobileMe, where again it talks about catching up and leapfrogging Android and Google cloud services. It stresses 2011 as “Apple’s Year of Cloud” and gives a road map to iCloud content and services like cloud storage, iOS backup support, Photo Stream, Find My Friends, Calendar, Contacts.

There is also a point about Apple TV that talks about adding more content like NBC, CBC, Viacom, HBO and the next step from current level to be the “must have” accessory or iOS devices.

Overall, it’s really interesting to read. It shows how Steve Jobs communicated with his executives.

You can read the entire email in this PDF here. Via The Verge.

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