Return To The Old Times With Vintape For iOS

vintapeEver wondered what it was like in the 80’s? When people used those cassette players to listen to music. Everyone had those Walkman players strapped to their belts with the cassette revolving inside. Well, you are in luck. Vintape, developed by BegSrl, allows you to experience what it was like to use cassettes and how people played songs on them.

Upon clicking on Vintape, a tutorial will pop up that will guide you through the app features. To create a mixtape, you first have to add a name to it. Then you can select from 5 cassette types to suite your flavor. After you are done with this, clicking ‘Create’ brings up the cassette labeled with the title you gave it. Swiping up shows you the songs present on the selected cassette. Swiping down allows you to create a new Mix Tape. Swiping right allows you to turn of the hiss, adjust the volume, access the shop and locate information and help. Lastly, swiping left brings up your cassette collection. The main page displays the cassette and rewind, forward, play, stop and add songs options. Vintape also includes the ability to share your Mix Tape on social networks; Facebook and Twitter only.


Vintape has a decent layout and design. We enjoyed the retro design, cassette animation, the cassette and playback back controls. Moreover, you can add the hissing sound to the playback to fully experience the old days. Vintape features a new ( well, old 🙂 )and exciting way to listen music that keep you going forever.


Positive features:

-Awesome design
-Smooth animation
-Hiss sound

Negative features:

-Tutorial is a bit difficult to go through

Overall, Vintape is an excellent retro player that gives you the experience of the old days. Vintape is available on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad for just $0.99 from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4.5/5


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