Mix And Match Stylish Outfits With Jaqard For iPhone

jaqardJaqard, developed by EMS Style, allows you to quickly and efficiently decide what to wear based on other peoples suggestions. Not only this but, Jaqard features recommendations and questions that you can answer to discover latest outfit styles.

Upon tapping the Jaqard, you be presented with a simple and brief introduction. It will tell about the features such as asking advice, shopping etc. After going through the brief tutorial, tapping ‘Get Started’ will bring up the login menu. You can sign-up using Facebook or your e-mail, which ever suits you best. After signing-up, Jaqard will switch layout which shows you the community’s recommendations. You can the posts and tapping on them brings in depth information. You can also share your suggestion from here and check out other people. Tapping on any circular picture brings up their information along with the name at the top.


Outfits posted, following and followers can also be viewed from here. Swiping to the left shows the person’s wish list and swiping right shows requests. To follow a person, simply press the plus sign at the top right corner. To return to the home page, press the small blue triangle in the right side of the screen. This sign changes at home page from which you can easily access your mail, profile page, settings, camera and Shop. Camera allows you to take pictures of outfits and post them for suggestions. Shop allows you to buy outfits quickly and shows a wide range of categories to choose from. Lastly three categories in the top Follow, All and Popular categorize your feed accordingly.


Jaqard features a well-designed layout and appearance. The color scheme matches the iOS color scheme and the app runs smoothly. Though understanding how to navigate the app might be a challenge as you will have to learn what the signs mean on your own. Moreover, the constant changing of the posts is good but at times a bit distracting. Lastly, we couldn’t find a way to change the currency so you will have to convert them yourselves.

Jaqard touts itself as a styling community to help you get the best fashion advice instantly based on real suggestions.

Positive features:

* Simple Design
* Easy to give advice
* Brilliant features

Negative features:

* No in depth tutorial
* Distracting animations
* Not eye catching

Overall, Jaqard is a nice app that allows you to always decide on your clothing and matching pairs. Jaqard is available on the App Store for free in the Lifestyle category.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 3.5/5

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