Melody Pro – A Powerful Music Notation App (Review)

melodyproMelody Pro allows you to create unique and original music and also construct music sheets. Developed by Nextep Applications, Melody Pro features useful and dynamic tools which make it definitely a useful App for hardcore musicians. Melody Pro features ways to create a music sheet. One method is to drag and drop notes onto a blank sheet music paper. Melody Pro contains a choice of treble and bass clefs and variety of notes from whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eight notes and sixteenth notes to include from. The other method is to play a virtual piano keyboard that spontaneously notates the music along with its value on screen.


The virtual piano is displayed on screen. Using Melody Pro, you can send your compositions via email or quickly play the composition to edit it out. Moreover, you can easily delete a note by simply pressing the back button. Pressing the folder button will bring up your collection from which you can select a sheet to work on. Furthermore, Melody Pro has a unique feature that allows you to capture a sheet music using the camera. The captured images are organized according to a timestamp. Melody Pro always displays a virtual keyboard along with the sheet music so you can easily play out the music.


Lastly, Melody Pro has an advanced tuner and metronome. Tapping ‘Start Listening’ activates the Tuner. The note is displayed on screen along with the A4 Calibration. The metronome features controls to increase or decrease the tempo value by tapping plus or minus buttons.

Melody Pro has a well-defined layout and appearance. Features are highly accurate and the tuner works well. It clearly is highly revolutionary.

Positive features:
–  Easy Notation
–  Accurate tools
–  Organized sheet music
–  Quick editing

Negative features:
– You need to be learnt in music to use this App well
– Only on iPad

Overall, Melody Pro is a unique and convenient application that effortlessly allows you to create music. Melody Pro is available on the App Store for $0.99 for iPad only. We highly recommend it.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 5/5

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