KitKat Rises To 5.3% Of All Devices, Jellybean Drops To 61.4%

kitkat2According to latest data from Google, Android KitKat now runs on 5.3% of all Android tablets and phones, while Jelly Bean has had a minor drop to 61.4%. As for older versions, 14.3% are still on Ice Cream Sandwich, a measly 0.1% on Honeycomb, 13.8% on Gingerbread, and 1.1% are on good ‘ol Froyo.


Within March, KitKat rose by 2.9%, Jellybean dropped by 0.6%, ICS by 0.9%, with Honeycomb staying at its 0.1%. Gingerbread got down by 1.2%, and Froyo was down by 0.1%. Since Android is more fragmented and Google does not control the entire experience, it takes time for the rollout to happen since there are device manufacturers and carriers involved as well. Adoption rate of new OS versions is definitely slower compared to iOS because of fragmentation.

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