iPhone 6 Case Image Leak

iPhone 6 Case

Before the iPhone 6 lands in the market, there will probably be a series of image leaks with no confirmation of validity of data. The latest is from nowhereelse.fr . According to the image leaks of a transparent iPhone 6 case, there is a cut on the side just opposite the volume controls. This somewhat validates the old image leaks of a shift in the power button from top to the left side. But to add to the curiosity there is a cut on the top side as well. Nowhereelse.fr admits that there is no confirmation of validity of these images, stating “reliability of this source is actually far from being proven. Therefore remain cautious …”

In March another Japanese blog, Bling My Thing also published two images of an iPhone 6 case. It was placed next to iPhone 5S, again confirming the similar leaks about a larger screen.

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