gDecide for iOS: Get Help In Making Decisions

gDecide IcongDecide is a neat application that allows you to quickly ask your relatives, friends and co-workers questions to which they can reply with their opinion. With gDecide, you can post queries that you need a decisive answers for, and filter who can see what you post on specific matters.

gDecide is a simple App that help you make decisions efficiently. At first, you login to setup your account by providing an e-mail and password which becomes your login credentials. Then you can send invites to your friends, relatives or co-workers to join in your decisions. After this a dialogue is presented that allows you to configure what you want to ask. You can add people to your decision and select what type of answers you want people to choose. Like, Text, Pick, Rank and Yes/No are the types for your answer. Moreover, you can also set your question as Personal, Business and Shopping and select a deadline for people to answer before. Furthermore, you can select if the question is ‘High Priority’, hide the participants of your question and make the feedback anonymous for personal reasons. Also you can set a Reminder for the participants so they remember to answer before time runs out. When you are done, the layout will change and show questions and the decisions from others. Here you can change the view between WDYT(What do you think) and decisions and check notifications and invites.


gDecide has a clean and simple appearance. Tutorial at the beginning allows you study the application and set it up. Answering and asking a question is pretty basic and easy. We experienced no huge problems with the App. But the experience can be too simplistic and a new design suited for iOS 7 would work better. About the concept, the idea is neat, but only for people who have a hard time making decisions.


– Easy to Set-up
– Quickly ask a question
– Making a question Personal or Public


– The dialogue box (where you form a question) is a bit crowded
– Needs better design

Overall, gDecide is a brilliant tool that makes your decisions quick and easy. gDecide is available on the App Store for free for both iPhone and iPad. You can download it from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 3.5/5

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