Apple’s iWatch Expected This September


According to a report published in Digitimes, three Flexible PCB suppliers, Flexium Interconnect, Zhen Ding Technology Holding and Career Technology reportedly have delivered FPCB samples for use in iWatch devices to Apple for validation. It also says that Apple is expected to launch the wearable device – iWatch in September.

Zhen Ding Technology Holding is currently the largest Flexible PCB supplier for Apple and it plans to invest over USD $100M to ramp up its production capacity in 2014. Flexium Interconnect is expecting to see a revenue growth by 20% in 2014. Career Technology plans to set aside NT $1B to expand its production capacity in Taiwan and China in 2014.

Besides the select features reserved for iPhone and iPad, iWatch is expected to have health and fitness functionality. It’ll have a flexible AMOLED display and a 3D protective Glass. The iWatch will have a silver nanowire touch screen technology developed by Taiwan-based TPK and Japan-based Nissha Printing.

Competitors, Samsung recently unveiled its second-generation Galaxy Gear smart watch and Google announced its “Android Wear” software development kit (SDK). Pebble the other competitor besides Samsung Galaxy Gear and Google Android Wear reportedly has sold around 400,000 smart watches in 2013 and expects a boom in 2014 post a few tweaks.

According to a report by Juniper Research, in 2018, shipments of wearable products could reach as high as 130M, which is 10 times the collective total of Google Glass, Pebble, Galaxy Gear, and other similar products shipped in 2013.


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