87% Of Apple iOS Users Are On iOS 7

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Ahead of WWDC in June, where Apple plans to talk about the upcoming iOS 8, Apple reported on its developer site that 87% of its iPhone and iPad users are on iOS 7, 11% on iOS 6 and remaining 2% on older versions. iOS 7 was released in mid September with the launch of two new phones, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.

In contrast, Android still has a good number of users on older versions than the latest launched KitKat. The majority of devices, i.e. around 61% are still on Jelly Bean followed by 18% on Gingerbread, 14% on Icecream Sandwich, Froyo and Honeycomb accounting for less than 2% and KitKat only on 5% of devices.

According to mobile analytics company Mixpanel, the numbers for Apple iOS 7 adoption is at 89%, 10% iOS 6 and less than 2% on older versions and for Android, Jellybean rules at 68%, then Icecream sandwich at 12%, KitKat at 11%, Gingerbread at 8% and rest occupying less than 2% space.

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