24 Companies Acquired By Apple In The Last 18 Months

Apple DollarsAs announced during the recent earnings call, Apple has made around 24 acquisitions in just 18 months. With this speed as reported earlier by Apple Insider, Apple has beaten Google for the year 2013.

Apple doesn’t make any official announcement about the acquisition of smaller companies, in fact Tim Cook admits that they try to keep their acquisitions a secret. Wikipedia, is another source to obtain the count and information about the companies acquired which is again collated from the media reports. So twenty four is just the count that comes from the news here and there, the actual figures can be higher. Apple also usually acquires companies for their talent and technology that can be integrated into its current or future products.

A good number of acquisitions in 2013 were of the companies that were into mapping which shows Apple’s efforts to enhance its Map App for iOS and OSX. Other acquisitions were related to Social Media Analytics company, speech recognition firm, 3D motion sensor firm, power-efficient chipmaker and more. Though none of the acquisitions till now have crossed $1B but according to Tim Cook “We don’t have a rule that says we can’t spend a lot or whatever. We’ll spend what we think is a fair price.”

Apple’s acquisition spree of companies with unique solutions suggests its hunger to grow in the field of product development and R&D. Sources also say that Apple still has around $150B in the bank even after all of the spending.

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