Top 5 Mac Cleaning Software

CS5Although not very common, it is some people’s experience that their Macs slow down after a period of considerable use. Most of the time it’s just reams of log files generated by various Apps, other times it’s something as simple as a cluttered Desktop. OS X itself is very good at keeping the system clean. But if you do find yourself facing a slow Mac it’s beneficial to have a software that you can just run and which will clean up your computer. TheAppleGoogle has done some research into the best Mac cleaning software out there and brings you its top 5.

CleanMyMac 2 ($39.95)

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Created by MacPaw CleanMyMac is simply the most popular and most used Mac cleaning software out there. The price is quite steep (you could try it for free) but for a good reason. CleanMyMac is easy to use with a great UI, efficient and has the ability to be scheduled for regular maintenance. You need just one click to scan and another click to remove. The algorithm claims to bring up only files that are 100% safe to delete, including flagging up large files that you haven’t opened in a long time, such as movies. It also helps with cleanly uninstalling any applications you don’t need any more.

Update: MacPaw has released a new version in 2015. See SoftwareHow’s review on CleanMyMac 3.

Onyx (Free)

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Onyx has been around since 2003 and is widely used, which in itself is a mark of its popularity as a cleaning software. And it’s absolutely free. Schedule your maintenance for daily, weekly and monthly scripts and let Onyx maintain your Mac and delete system archived logs. The Cleaning option provides an extensive range: System, User, Internet, Fonts, Logs and Miscellaneous. This allows you to delete cache which takes up precious space on your drive. It can also remove recent searches on the web, log files and diagnostic reports.

MacKeeper ($39.95)

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The jury is still out on MacKeeper. Many people claim it to be not very useful and intrusive, while others swear by it. MacKeeper does have many annoying pop-up windows, but it also has several useful utilities. It includes internet security which protects your Mac from malware and trojans, Antivirus for Mac and Anti-Theft mechanism. It also comes with a data encryptor which hides your important files and a file recovery system. The Fast Cleanup option finds and removes all junk files. It would be wise to download the trial version before deciding if it’s the right Mac cleaning software for you.

AppZapper ($12.95)

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If it were easy to uninstall Apps cleanly it would be easier to keep our Macs clean. But most Apps install support files on the machine which don’t get removed when the App is uninstalled and take up valuable space on the drive. This is the exact problem that AppZapper solves. Just drag and drop the App you want to remove from your machine into AppZapper and with one click delete all files associated with it. Although it doesn’t do as much as other cleaning software, AppZapper performs a valuable task which ensures that our machines remain clear of any unwanted clutter.

Detox My Mac ($24.95)

Detox My Mac does what it says on the cover: it detoxes your machine. Clean up any leftovers files and folders from previously uninstalled applications, clear out the trash and delete unused history files for internet browsers. Detox My Mac also helps to remove language files which are not used by the the system or applications, which releases a lot of disk space. Like some of the other cleaning software mentioned above, it also removes cache and log files.

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