Top 5 Free Recipe Apps For iOS And Android

Recipe AppRecipe Apps for iOS and Android can be categorized into 3 general types: one that has a pool of recipes, other that helps you save/store recipes found elsewhere, like Evernote, Pepperplate, Zest and lastly the Recipe Magazines. In this article TheAppleGoogle have covered the Top 5 Free Recipe Apps of the first category: a recipe database. The Recipe Apps we have picked have a large database, and besides offering just the recipes, there are other features that make these Apps unique and set them apart in the Apps market place. The style, content and methodology for each recipe is at its best in each App discussed here. They all require an online connection to search the database but saved recipes can be accessed offline.

Epicurious (iOS Android)

Recipe App

Epicurious is extremely easy to use and navigate, while having many in-built features. When you open the recipe App you’re presented with a page with Search Bar, Browse By Category option and its self-classified category-wise recipe blocks. Selecting one of these blocks shows you a recipe at a time, and you can scroll for more. You can also add recipes to your Recipe Box. The View Recipe option give you a full page view of the recipe with options to Share it, Add ingredients to Shopping List, add it to Recipe Box and the Cook View. CookView has bigger, clear fonts and has one amazing feature called Voice Control, which lets you scroll up, down, see ingredients or preparation or reviews without touching your screen. You can also search for recipes by ingredients you have in the fridge, course, cuisine, dish type, any dietary considerations, etc. Recipes can be further filtered by Quick and Easy or Kid friendly or Healthy. Overall, Epicurious is an amazing Recipe App, a must have for all cooking enthusiasts.

Top features: Voice Control, Recipe Box, Shopping List, Cook View and amazing details for each recipe.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner (iOS Android)

Recipe App

The main screen of Allrecipes consists of featured recipes with Ratings. You also have the option to search for recipes from their database, look at your pre-marked Favorite recipes and check your Shopping list created before. Every Recipe has an option to be shared online, to be added to your favorite list, to add ingredients to shopping list, a Cook View and Similar Recipes. Serving Size and Calorie Values are given against each recipe. Once Cook View is selected, you can view all details along with Nutritional Info about the recipe and Serving Size. One of the coolest feature in this Recipe App is that you can change the serving size and ingredients change accordingly.

Top features: FavoriteList, Shopping List, Nutrional Info and Change serving size.

BigOven (iOS Android)

Recipe App

BigOven recipe App offers various categories, like Using leftovers, Friends recipes, and much more. The featured recipes change continuously. It also has a search option for a particular recipe, your Grocery List and Menu Planner. BigOven has a paid version too, though the free version has a lot to offer. The paid version makes it Ads-Free, lets you write personal notes on recipes, check nutritional info, find the recipe as per your dietary consideration and unlimited access. The free version gives you access to other nice features, like adding ingredients to Grocery List, marking a recipe as favorite, adding to a “try soon” list, adding to Menu Planner, check reviews and more. Menu Planner in BigOven is a great feature that lets you add the recipe to any date and meal you plan to make. It makes your life easier by helping you pre-plan your meals for days ahead.

Top features: Favorite Recipes, Grocery List, Menu Planner and option to change Serving Size.

Whole Foods Market Recipe (iOS Android version expected within days)

Recipe App

The recipe App opens to a picture-block of the featured recipes. You also have the option to search for a recipe from the classifications given. Once you select a recipe you can add it to your Recipe Box, Shopping List or to Meal Plan. The Meal Plan here is different from the Menu Planner in BigOven. Meal Plan lets you create multiple lists with recipes added by you.  Each recipe has a detailed nutritional info, along with a box titled special needs. This box highlights the categories the recipe falls into, like Diary Free, Low Sodium, Fat Free, Gluten Free, High Fibre, Low Fat, Sugar Concious, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat free to help you choose the recipe that best suits your dietary needs. Every recipe has a share option along with a rating and comments.

Top features: My Recipe Box, Shopping List, Meal Plan, Special Diets Categorizations and Nutrional Info.

Healthy Recipes (iOS Android)

Recipe App

Like Whole Foods Market Recipe and Allrecipes, this Recipe App also opens with featured recipes. Also, there are search, browse, and category-wise recipe option. Once you select a recipe you can check its nutritional facts, have the option to save it to favorites, share the recipe and View it Online. Healthy Recipes have a huge database online. The App also has a section that shows featured recipes from famous chef Meg along with videos.

Top features: Favorites, Nutrional Info, Featured Chef Meg’s recipes

Some other recipe Apps which didn’t make the cut but are also quite good are (iOS/Android) that has an interactive video method to show recipes from its selected chefs and Simply Organic which has similar features to the recipe apps mentioned above.

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