Top 5 Free Racing Games For iPad

Racing GamesThe App Store is crawling with tons of games, but the main problem that everyone faces is the question: which racing game is worth my time? You may have already downloaded and played some racing games, but were they any good, did they excite you? We, at TheAppleGoogle, have compiled the Top 5 Free Racing Games for iPad, so all you need to do is download, play and enjoy!

Angry Birds Go!

Racing Games

Our trusty friends, the Birds from Angry Birds, have come to Piggy Island to have some fun with their arch enemy, the Piggies. Angry Birds Go, by Rovio Mobile Ltd, developer of Angry Birds Series, features amazing gameplay and graphics that will keep you going forever. In full 3D, Angry Birds Go! presents a karting-style racing game with different game modes to keep you entertained for a long time. You can play as either the birds or pigs and use power-ups to race victorious to the finish line.

GT Racing 2

Racing Games

GT Racing 2, developed by Gameloft, provides the real car driving experience with improved physics model of high-end cars. Featuring cars from over 30 manufacturers including Mercedes Benz, Ferrari and McLaren and 13 tracks with different lighting conditions, GT Racing 2 will provide you with a unique and realistic driving experience. You can play solo or challenge your friends to a race. There is also the option to join a team and accomplish common goals.

CSR Racing

Racing Games

Racing games cannot get simpler than this. CSR Racing, developed by NaturalMotionGames Ltd, will give you the fastest paced racing experience ever. Drag race your car against other high-end super cars to a photo finish in a street environment. The selection of cars range from Audi to Chevrolet to Bentley. You can fit your car with top end upgrades, such as turbos, ECU tweaks and much more to suit your racing style. Enjoy the fantastic graphics, and and if you reach Tier 3 you can leave your city streets behind and race the world.

Real Racing 3

Racing Games

Real Racing 3, developed by EA, provides the best gameplay graphics among racing games. You are able to play as a professional driver. Real Racing 3 allows you to race against the world and your friends, even when they are not online, using Time Shifted Multiplayer. It features real tracks from around the world with day and night cycles so every time you play it will feel like a new experience. Furthermore, Real Racing 3 has different modes that challenge you with increasing difficulty and the gameplay is truly realist. Real Racing 3 will keep you entertained for long periods of time.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Racing Games

Asphalt 8 provides you with the most action-filled and exciting gameplay.  Asphalt 8 includes 47 high performance cars and 9 different and unique racing tracks on asphalt, wood, snow and water. Speed perks are also included which you can obtain on the go to fill your nitrous meter and take your car to its maximum. Graphics, too, are stunning and ramps along the roads truly get your car Airborne. Asphalt 8 also features WiFi and online multiplayer so that you can play against your friends without an internet connection or online with the world.

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