Did Steve Jobs Throw A Pen On Eddy Cue’s Face?

stevejobshandpointingVeteran WSJ technology journalist Yukari Iwatani Kane’s book Haunted Empire is based Kane’s deep study and analysis about inside Apple post Steve Jobs death. It reveals a lot about the tensions and challenges faced by Tim Cook and his team to sustain and take forward Steve Jobs vision.

The book is based on more than 200 interviews with current and former Apple executives, partners and more related to Apple covers a lot of inside stories that interest the Apple fans. There is one such interesting segment in the book that talks about a pen being thrown on Eddy Cue’s face by Jobs as Eddy was trying to put his point forward. According to Kane, Eddy Cue current Senior Vice President at Apple started as an intern and has this story which he told everyone.

Once during a meeting with Jobs he was trying to voice his opinion about a topic. After his first trial to voice his opinion to Jobs, Jobs asked him to shut up, Eddy tried again and Jobs threw a pen on his forehead, Eddy realized he has nothing to lose and tried a third time and that finally won Jobs approval.

Email From Eddy Cue

When Benjamin Mayo from 9to5Mac checked with Eddy Cue, he denied to this, saying this is not true. The book might be gaining good sales but it does not please the current Apple CEO Tim Cook, who calls it a nonsense.