Siri Will Be Upgraded For Third Party App Integration


According to a report by The Information, Apple is developing a revamped version of Siri that will interconnect and link to other third party Apps. So far, Apple has made deals with services like Yelp and OpenTable for Siri integration, but apparently, Apple aims to eventually make Siri compatible with every third party application.

As the report highlighted, so far Siri can not do as much as call a cab for you, or book a flight or a hotel room, which are few of the things you’d expect a personal assistant to be able to do.

With the update to Siri, however, this is what Apple seeks to improve:

The technology being developed at Apple can also be applied to determine what app to show a user when they have limited screen space, as they would when using a smartwatch the company has been developing. If a user starts running, for example, Siri might show them a fitness app that could help them track their workout while moving other apps into the background.

This new voice controlled integration could be a vital move for Apple, since it would drastically improve its functionality in its upcoming iWatch, and CarPlay.

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