Partyline For iOS — A Free Phone Line To Anyone In The World

PartylinePartyline for iOS is a recent App to enter the App Store in the Social Networking category. Although there isn’t a shortage of social networking Apps, Partyline distinguishes itself by allowing you to connect to anyone else in the world and chat with them anytime you want. Make new friends, talk to new people, even find love.


One of the best things about Partyline is that when you sign up you don’t need to provide any personal data. So no phone numbers, e-mails or addresses. This ensures that no-one can get access to your personal information. All you need is to create an account with a username and password and you’re ready to go. You do need to remember your username and password because if you forget there will be no way of retrieving it since Partyline don’t ask for your e-mail address. At the start you’re also asked to provide your profile information: age, gender and a photo. You may choose not to upload a photo if you don’t wish to. You can now enter Partyline and start a match with a male, female or both in the specified age range.


There are two options to find a match — Random Match or Pick My Match. Random Match, as the name suggests, will randomly match you with a user registered with Partyline as per your choice. Once a match is found you’re given the choice to approve or decline the call. The user on the other line gets the same option. Only if both the parties approve is the connection made. You can also choose to pick your own match from the people who are online. For this you need credits. You can earn credits by connecting to people or you can buy it via In-App purchase. I found the chat line was extremely clear with no interference. The call is made via Voice over IP (VoIP), so it doesn’t use the voice minutes of your phone contract. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi the call is absolutely free, otherwise it uses the data allowance from your data plan. And if you’re enjoying chatting with someone you could take a photo of yourself and send it to them while you’re on the call.


As with any type of social networking there is always the possibility of meeting someone who is not nice or rude. In such cases you can immediately terminate the call and give them a rating of -1. These ratings accumulate for each user and you can see it when you contact them. In this way Partyline gives you the option to speak only to people with positive rating. Partyline is a brilliant App to make friends randomly from all around the world and expand your social network. Download it today free from the App Store.

Positive — Good idea, Clear chat line

Negative — The UI is not very exciting

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4/5

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