Mercedes-Benz Will Offer Android Based In-Car Systems Once They Are Available


In January, Google announced and founded the Open Automotive Alliance, which was a collection of automobile giants working to integrate Android’s in car systems in their upcoming car models.

Mercedes-Benz, it seems, will be the first to announce the integration of this system, as they publicized a job listing for a software engineer for a ‘Google Projected Mode’ earlier.

When they announced Apple’s CarPlay integration in their C-Class models to be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show, they also mentioned that they would be supporting Android’s in car system ‘as soon as Google brings its own in car infotainment system to the market.’

As soon as Google brings its own in-car infotainment system to market, Mercedes-Benz customers will also be able to enjoy the world of Android in their cars. Mercedes-Benz has already shown to impressive effect how an Android-based in-car infotainment system could look like in the SLS AMG in 2011: with “AMG Performance Media” it is possible to display lateral and longitudinal acceleration, along with engine output, torque and accelerator pedal position. Laps completed on a race track can be recorded and called up later for the purposes of personal driving analysis. Additional functions such as internet access and WiFi hotspot functionality are options that customers can add to the system.

Mercedes-Benz will also be offering its current in car systems, which include Drive Kit Plus, Digital DriveStyle App, COMAND Online, and their own Apps for Facebook, Google Maps, and more. Volvo announced that it would be mixing CarPlay and Android’s system together, though it’s not clear how they’ll manage that.

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