In Fear I Trust — When Nothing Is Left Would You Trust Fear?

In Fear I TrustImagine waking up and finding yourself in a cell. You don’t know how you got there or who brought you there. You don’t remember anything. And all you find, as you begin to explore, are chilling remnants of the past. In Fear I Trust is a brand new game by Chillingo Ltd — creator of the award-winning game Cut The Rope — which provides a unique, exciting and thoroughly scary experience.

In Fear I Trust

In Fear I Trust is an exploration game. The character moves around in his surroundings and examines any piece of evidence he may find of his past. There are cassette players, diaries, neckties, and much more which trigger the character’s memories. This helps him to piece together the occurrences in the past, slowly unravelling the mystery. There are items that he picks up on the way, such as a key for the door to the basement or an amulet or a pin for the piano. These items are used to solve puzzles which occasionally present themselves in forms of microfilms or strange machines, etc. Every time a puzzle is solved the game is saved up until that point so that when you come back to In Fear I Trust you don’t need to start again. The movement of the character is controlled by two joystick-style controls on the bottom of the screen. The right one is used to look around the room, while the left is used to move. You can also double tap anywhere on the screen to move the character quickly to that position.

In Fear I Trust

The UI and the occasional animation in In Fear I Trust are exquisite. The cobwebs in the basement, the leftover meal in the canteen, the ghostly figures which disappear when they see you, and many more such effects create a really eerie environment. The music mixed with creepy noises makes for a frightening experience.

In Fear I Trust

The only trouble I had with In Fear I Trust was that the buttons which are used to solve certain puzzles are too small for the iPhone. You can’t quite press them right or sometimes enough to have an effect. It would be nice for either the buttons to be bigger or have the ability to zoom in. Apart from this minor issue, In Fear I Trust is faultless. If you are looking for a clever game which requires problem-solving but with a unique twist download In Fear I Trust today for only $2.99 from the App Store.

Positive — A unique gameplay experience. Exquisite UI and animation.

Negative — Puzzle buttons a tad too small for iPhone.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4.5/5

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