Manufactures such as Samsung, Sony and LG are so fond of messing around with Google’s Android OS that at times it doesn’t even seem like you are using an Android powered smartphone at all. But Google has stepped in to receive the credit where it is due.

Google now requires manufacturers to show the “Powered by Android” logo at startup (where the boot animation is shown). According to some reports, if manufacturers wish to use Google’s applications (Play Store and Gmail app etc.) then the manufacturers have to show the “Powered by Android logo”.

This logo is featured on boot screen of the newly released HTC One (M8) and Samsung Galaxy S5.

Google sent a document detailing manufacturers how to implement the logo into their boot animations. The logo must be given required clear space and be no less than 40% of the screen’s width. However, Google has not told manufacturers where to implement the logo. The recently launched HTC One (M8) has the logo sit at the very top of the screen every time you turn it on.

By this move, it seems that Google wants manufacturers to get in shape and to tighten the freedom Google has provided to manufacturers. But, in our view, this is a good move as many Android users have no idea what OS their smartphone is running.