GoodTask — A Great New Way Of Organising Your Tasks

GoodTaskGoodTask by haha Interactive is a new App which packs together Reminders, To-Dos and Task Manager, all in one. It’s a gesture driven App which makes adding reminders and tasks not only easy, but also fun. GoodTask makes for a great alternative to iOS’ own Reminders and Notes App.


GoodTask was formerly known as This Week and for that reason the App is installed on your phone under that name. The first screen you are presented with is a list. You can swipe left to right to move through different lists. By default you start off with two lists: Reminders and This Week. You can disable these lists or add more via the Settings menu (icon on the top-left corner). Other views are Day, Week and Month. These let you view your reminders, To-Dos and items from all your lists which are due to be completed on that day, week or month or are open-ended. Each item’s list name is mentioned below it. The Week and Month view are particularly helpful as you can just long-tap a date to add any item, a much more intuitive way than iOS Reminder. The quickest way to add a new entry in GoodTask is to swipe down. You can also add more details to an entry such as the priority and due date. Tap the circle next to an entry to mark it as done. An arrow on the top-right corner shows or hides completed tasks. You can also share your data, sync it with your existing Reminders App or sync through iCloud.


The best thing about GoodTask is its beautiful and highly-intuitive UI. It’s slick and easy to use. It makes you think that this is how iOS should have done its Reminders App in the first place. If you’re someone who makes a lot of lists and is drowning under the number of To-Dos then GoodTask is certainly the App for you to keep you on top of things. You can get it for $4.99 from the App Store. Or you could get it for free with this promocode: WMWXXHLLPXEY. Enjoy!

Positive — Fantastic UI. Extremely easy to use.

Negative — The price is a bit steep, considering iOS already has a Reminder and Notes App.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4.5/5

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