Find Words In Jumbled Letters – Speed Reading With Reading Arena for iOS

readingarenaiconReading Arena for iPhone and iPad, developed by HeKu IT, tests your mind to the limits and allows you to the set the standard for your friends to beat. Based on the App of the Year 2011 ‘Reading Trainer’, you need to do speed reading to find words in jumbled letters.

In Reading Arena, basically, all you have to do is find the words or letters in a random and jumbled bunch of letters. There are two modes in Reading Arena, Single Player and Multiplayer. Single Player consists of three rounds that have a set time limit of 60 seconds and a multiplier that increases with every correct selection and decreases with every wrong selection. Firstly, in Word Pair, you have to find the boxes with the misspelled word in a group of wrong and correctly spelled pairs of words. Secondly, in Word Search, you are to locate the specific words in a crossword. It seems so easy at first but as there is a time limit to the rounds, it’s a big deal if you even find a word in Word Search. Lastly, in Letter Jumble, you are provided with two letters that you have find in the crossword as many times as you can.


Moreover, in Multiplayer mode, which is specifically and only available on the iPad version, you can compete with your friends in the rounds on a single screen. Furthermore, Reading Arena has these batteries that are necessary for you to play the game, which over time, fill up. With these batteries you can also buy power-ups called Jokers that give a slight advantage to you in the rounds.

Reading Arena has a simple design and impressive appearance. The gameplay and animations are quite smooth. The tutorial is also straightforward and short. However, we would have liked to have a multiplayer mode also on the iPhone, using internet or WiFi.


Positive Features:

*Easy Gameplay

*Difficult but straight-forward rounds

*Ability to compete against friends scores

Negative Features:

*No multiplayer mode on iPhone

*Less Power-ups

Overall, Reading Arena is a must if you like playing mind twisting games. Reading arena is available on the App Store for free for both iPhone and iPad from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4.5/5

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