Disco Zoo For iOS — Dancing With Animals!

Disco ZooAfter the success of their other Apps like Tiny Tower and Nimble Quest, NimbleBit has recently released another free game on the App Store — Disco Zoo. It’s a unique twist on the usual farming-style Apps with exotic, dancing animals! And it’s a game that is going to excite adults and children alike. If you’ve enjoyed other offerings by NimbleBit you’re sure to like Disco Zoo.

Disco Zoo

Disco Zoo is a very simple game. You are a zookeeper who’s job it is to not only look after the zoo animals, but also rescue animals and bring them into the safety of your zoo. You start off with 2,500 coins and fly in a hot-air balloon to a farm to rescue animals such as pigs, sheep, horses, rabbits, cows, etc. Each rescue mission costs coins, but the more animals you have the more revenue you generate. Depending on the number of animals Disco Zoo rewards you with a certain number of coins per minute. You can also get additional coins as tips from visitors who are wowed by your amazing collection of animals. If you’re doing well you’re upgraded to go rescue animals in the outback in a helicopter. There you find animals like kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles and much more. If you’re lucky you might even be able to rescue a mythical animal. As you progress you move to higher levels and go to more exotic places like the Savannah, Polar and Jurassic regions.

Disco Zoo

Occasionally, you get awarded with DsicoBux. These are used to turn the plain zoo into Disco Zoo. The more DiscoBux you spend the longer the duration of the disco. Colourful lights fill the screen with the animals dancing to the music. In Disco Zoo mode you earn more revenue. Because who wouldn’t want to pay more to see dancing animals! DiscoBux can also be used to get more attempts on a rescue mission which is usually limited to only ten attempts. Another use of this currency is to hurry-up the construction of new pens and cages for additional animals. Although there are in-App purchases to get more coins and DiscoBux, I found you don’t really need it unless you’re absolutely desperate. If you leave Disco Zoo running, even if you’re not playing, it accumulates coins for that duration which you can collect when you next play the game. However, you only collect money if your animals are awake.

Disco Zoo

I found myself completely glued to Disco Zoo. You’d want to keep going to rescue missions and expanding your zoo and its collection of animals. The UI is retro-style and makes it quite fun. The comments from the visitors and animal noises will make you laugh. If you’re looking for a game which is not too time consuming but one you can keep coming back to then download Disco Zoo today free from the App Store.

Positive — Fun, Exciting and Unique

Negative — Limited gameplay

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4.5/5

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