Creating Nested Folders In iOS 7.1

Some users prefer to keep their device tidy and organized. Creating folders and nested folders help us to organize our Apps by adding them to folders that has similar Apps, or in fact keeping them in the way we want them to. Creating folders for Apps is an official solution from Apple for its users, but fortunately a bug was discovered to further create nested folders inside folders. There is no guarantee that it’ll survive the next update, but for now it offers a good way to keep our Apps organized.

Steps to create Nested Folders in iOS 7.1:

*Make a folder with Apps that you want to place inside the nested folder. Make sure that you complete this folder with all the Apps you want in it, because once it is a nested folder you can’t add an App to it

*To create the folder to which you want to add this nested folder would require you to first have two Apps placed next to each other

*Now out of the two Apps select one and place it over another to create the folder. Before the new folder opens, select the folder you want to place in the new folder and drag it inside the new folder

*Your nested folder is ready

Hope either this bug survives for future updates or Apple really comes up with the official solution for nested folders.

Image credit – TUAW

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