Across Age 2 — Bigger And Better Exciting Sequel To The Popular RPG

Across AgeIf you are a RPG fan you must have played the original Across Age action-adventure game released almost three years ago. You may have even battled your way through the dungeons and succeeded in defeating Count Agraen and destroying the Water Clock. But if you think that was the end, think again. FDG Entertainment has recently released the much-awaited sequel, Across Age 2, which is bigger and better with a fantastic new plot.

Across Age

In Across Age 2 Ales and Ceska embark on a new journey with an interesting twist. Two more characters from the future — Lily and Violet — join them in their quest. This means that you can now play as any of the four characters! It has been a long time since the original Across Age, so if you have forgotten your sword skills or magic you can relearn it in the simple opening sequence. The monsters get tougher with each level and harder to beat. Switching between Ales and Ceska frequently becomes necessary to deal with the different types of monsters. The puzzles are interesting and so are the different items and treasures you retrieve on the way. Each of these treasures give your characters special powers when they’re equipped with them. Some monsters, as they die, reveal apples or magic potions which increase the characters’ health. There is also a map of the area in which the characters are currently present so you can easily see their position in respect with their surroundings.

Across Age

I did find the movement controls in Across Age 2 a bit fiddly to use and it took some practise to be able to use it smoothly. Also, the conversations, though sometimes informative and funny, are mostly repetitive and can get a bit annoying. However, overall the game is definitely a much better and enjoyable version of its predecessor, if a tad similar. So if you enjoyed the original Across Age and were left wanting more more, or if you’re looking for a fun RPG then do not hesitate to download Across Age 2. You can get it for $3.99 from the App Store.

Positive — Play as four characters with better gameplay than the original.

Negative — Too much conversation. Fiddly direction control.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4/5

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