TripTrap For iOS — Warning: It’s Addictive!

TripTrapTripTrap for iOS is a delightful new puzzler by Duello Games. It’s a deceptively challenging game which would initially lead you to believe that you could master it in no time. Well, how hard can it be to get a mouse into its hole, you ask. A lot harder than it looks, especially if you want the hungry mouse to eat all those delicious pieces of cheese as well.


TripTrap has an extremely stylish, fun and intuitive UI. You can just throw yourself into the game without having to go through any tedious tutorials. If anything needs explaining it’ll be shown at the beginning of a level during the game. TripTrap has four levels — Kitchen, Living Room, Fitness Room and Garage — each with twenty stages. Each room brings its own obstacles which get harder as you move from one stage to another. The kitchen has metal spikes which can knock the mouse unconscious, the Living Room is full of vicious cats, while the Fitness Room has machines which slow down the poor mouse. Getting to the cheese is equally hard. Sometimes they are inside in a glass jar which needs to be broken first; or are hidden in a trap door which can only be accessed from one direction; or worse, they can turn mouldy before you get to them.

If you think you could get the mouse to the hole without eating the chesses, think again. Although you may be able to complete all the stages, you can only advance to the next room/level if your mouse has eaten the required number of cheese for that level. So don’t let your mouse go hungry. To help you along TripTrap has various tools, such as helmets to protect the mouse from metal spikes and the ability to run. As you complete more achievements you get points which in turn allow you to get these bonus tools. But if you’re stuck or in a hurry to get to the next level you can buy your way through with in-App purchases.


TripTrap is aptly named as its all about avoiding tripping into traps. There are two modes in each level. Once you have completed the Casual mode you can play in Puzzle mode which only allows the mouse a limited number of jumps between the shelves. So there’s plenty of game play and Duello Games has promised there’s more to come. TripTrap is the perfect companion game for commutes, after-work relaxation or, really, just any time. And it should come with an addiction warning. So download TripTrap today from the App Store for only $0.99.

Positive — Brilliant fun and totally addictive!

Negative — Absolutely nothing!

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4.5/5

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