Trambo For iOS — Beat The Deathray And Save The World

TramboEvil general Gunnar is threatening to destroy the world with a deathray. You are a private whose mission is to find the general’s four hidden power sources and destroy them before he annihilates the world. The path to these sources is full of death traps, shooting turrets and acid pools. Can you save the world? Play Trambo and find out.


Trambo for iOS is a brand new action platformer by Robote Games. It’s a simple game which is incredible fun. The controls are invisible. Just tap and hold the screen on the right or left side to move your player along. No swishing or swiping. This makes the game very fast and enjoyable. As you play you can collect bonuses like stars, clocks, power potions, etc. These allow you to open new missions, delay the deathray and make you run faster. But be careful, sometimes the temptation to collect these bonuses can slow you down and have you crushed by the inevitable deathray. The UI in Trambo is minimalistic and stylish. You feel like you are running through a maze of tunnels which are fitted with trampolines to save you from falling into acid pools and teleports which whizz you away safely to another section. The levels continue to get harder with the deathray descending quicker and more traps, like mines and icicles, obstructing your way.

Trambo is an unforgiving game where you need to race against the deathray, gaining seconds by pre-determining which way to go. And if you die you need to restart the level. Sometimes, as you fall through a tunnel, there is no way of knowing what’s waiting for you at the bottom. All this makes the game a lot of fun to play. Trambo is as much as a test of your reflexes as your memory. After a surprise fall in an acid pool, you’ll need to remember what to do the next time you play that level.


Trambo has 20 levels and the developers have promised there’s more to come. There are no in-App purchases and once you’ve bought the game all future upgrades are free of charge. Trambo is a must-have game for anyone who likes a challenge. And once you start you will not be able to stop. You can download Trambo from the App Store for $1.99

TheAppleGoogleRating — 9/10

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