Top 5 Fitness Apps For iPhone

Fitness AppWith our lifestyles becoming increasingly sedentary — sitting in front of our computers at work, then ensconced on the couch watching TV — it helps to be a bit fitness conscious. But time is at a premium and not everyone has the luxury to hit the gym before, or even after, work. This is where our iPhones come into handy. There are several fitness Apps on the App Store which can help you to lead an active lifestyle without too much extra cost or time. And to save you the hassle of looking for the right one we have picked the top 5 fitness Apps we believe could serve you best.

1. Nike Training Club (free)

Fitness App

Nike Training Club is one of the very few fitness Apps aimed at women. It features more than 100 workouts by professional trainers and athletes, like Maria Sharapova. You can target a body part by choosing a particular workout or follow a structured four-week program which guarantees results. Goals to attain are getting lean, toned, strong or focused. Each of these have exercises aimed at different levels depending on the amount of time you can dedicate for workouts. What I like best about the App is that you can assign a playlist or an album from your library to each of your favourite workouts. So no need to fiddle with iTunes. Just hit the exercise button and get moving to the music.

2. RunKeeper (free)

Fitness App

Whether you like to run, cycle, walk or swim RunKeeper is a great fitness App to measure and keep track of your activity statistics. You can choose from any one of the many activities, including rowing, skiing, skating, etc. RunKeeper uses the GPS on your phone to track your progress and provide you with relevant statistics. If you choose to plug in your earphones you can get audio coaching cues to keep you going. You can set up goals and when you reach a milestone feel free to boast about it on Facebook.

3. Moves ($2.99)

Fitness App

For those whose main activity of the day involves walking Moves is the best fitness App to have. Unlike a pedometer which needs to be hooked on to your belt or the waist of your skirt for accurate measurement, you can carry your iPhone however you like as long as it’s on your person. The best thing about Move is the way it lays out your day in a map of movements, using GPS (sparingly) to recognise particular locations. So you may be motivated to walk the extra three minutes to the salad shop instead of the closer sandwich shop or get your coffee from a café a bit further down the road than the Starbucks round the corner.

4. C25K (Free)

Fitness App

Abbreviated from Couch to 5K, C25K fitness App claims to be the easiest program to get beginners to be able to run 5K in 8 weeks. The only thing the App asks you to do is hit start and get out of your house. You can listen to your favourite music as you run and C25K will instruct you on the way when to slow down, warm up and run like Usain Bolt for the last minute. You can also meet other runners on the program via Facebook and Twitter. If you want to kickstart your fitness regime then this is the App to get.

5. Pocket Yoga ($2.99)

Fitness App

Some people choose a more holistic approach to a healthy life. For those there’s Pocket Yoga. A fantastic fitness App which allows you to practice Yoga in the comfort of your own home. There are three types of practise: Ocean, Desert and Mountain with each focusing on different functions of your body like cardio, flexibility, detoxing, etc. You can choose your level and will be shown the poses most suited to that level. Each pose is accompanied with detailed audio instructions on how to achieve it, including each inhalation and exhalation.

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