Solutionist For iPhone — Get Efficient With Your Calculations

SolutionistCalling Solutionist just a calculator would not only be misleading but also an underestimation. Solutionist by Dominic Francis is a powerful tool which makes everyday calculations simpler and incredibly efficient. A formula-based tool, it allows you to save any kind and number of formulae that you may need to refer to from time to time.


Most people save a set of formulae and calculations for say, monthly budget or taxes, on an Excel spreadsheet or a similar tool. Then every month you need to go in and change the number in the cells to see the latest value. Solutionist is a neat, time-saving and handy alternative to this laborious method. Before you start you get the choice of watching a 9-minute demo on YouTube. You can skip this and watch it later. Personally, I’d recommend watching the video because just jumping into Solutionist is not that easy. Another way is to look at the sample calculations already provided in the App, like Monthly payments or Taxi Fare.


Each calculation, like any formula, takes a set of inputs and provides an output. For e.g., to calculate the profit on an item you need to enter the amount for which you bought and sold it as input and these two figures will give you the output. You can also enter prefixes like currency signs or suffixes like kgs, lbs, etc to your figures. Solutionist also has the ability to make your formula conditions-based. So if you’re calculating interest on a sum, you can check if the duration is a positive number. If not you can display a message asking the user to enter the duration. Another example of Solutionist’s sophistication is that not all answers need to be numbers. You can enter a formula which could ouput sentences. For e.g., the BMI calculation will tell you if you’re overweight, or too thin, or healthy. You can also share your own calculations with others via AirDrop, E-mail, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, Solutionist has a stylish and intuitive UI. The calculator, for instance, greys out the buttons you do not need and you can delete a calculation with just a swipe.


It would be useful for Solutionist to be able to connect to iCloud to store all your calculations. Also, having conditions based on dates could be a nice feature. But if you are someone who uses calculations on a regular basis Solutionist can prove to be a very helpful tool. It not only will save you time but also the hassle of referencing previous formulae. You can get Solutions’ for $2.99 from the App Store.

Positive — A powerful and sophisticated calculations tool with a clean UI.

Negative — Slightly complicated. Could do with added features, like conditions based on dates and referencing Outputs from other calculations.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 8/10

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