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Rail RacingRail Racing by Polarbit (creators of Raging Thunder and Reckless Racing) is an excellent new motor racing App which is packed with speed, excitement and a whole load of fun. Let’s face it, we are never too old for playing racing games. Speeding virtual cars along daredevil tracks is far too exciting to miss. Now, Rail Racing is here to enhance the experience.

Rail Racing

You can kick off Rail Racing in two modes: single player or multiplayer. You do need to log in to Game Centre in order to play multiplayer. This option allows you to hook up with your fiends and challenge them to a race. You can as easily choose single player mode and race against the computer. Each mode has three types of racing: Campaign, Time Attack and Hot Lap. In Campaign you start of in Kids’ Room and race against 5 other cars along different tracks which get harder and more twisty as you progress through the levels. You have two controls available: accelerator pad and movement. Holding down the accelerator pad increases the speed and to brake you just let go of the pad. Movement control lets you move your car left or right. You can use this to tackle other cars or take advantage of their slipstream.

To get through a level you must finish third or above. With each podium finish Rail Racing awards you stars — 3 stars for top place, 2 stars for second, and 1 star for third. These stars help you to unlock new rooms: Garage, Backyard, Kitchen and Attic. With each room you get to race with and against different styles of cars, trucks, etc. Time Attack has the same levels and rooms as campaigns; however, here you race against time and try to set a fast lap. This is a great way to train around a track and learn all the turns, racing lines, chicanes and apexes before racing in a campaign. As you race along the tracks you’ll come across coins and Extras that you can collect to unlock other features and also to help you by providing more speed, extra grip and much more. You may also sometimes see green and red chevrons on the tarmac which make you go faster or slower.

Rail Racing

I do feel that the UI in Rail Racing can be made slightly clearer. Sometimes it does get difficult to see which car is yours and what position you’re in. But overall Rail Racing is an extremely exciting App which would make a great addition to any racing fan’s phone. You can download Rail Racing for $0.99 from the App Store or get a free limited edition from Google Play.

Positive — Challenging tracks. Exciting racing rooms.

Negative — Slightly confusing UI

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4/5

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