Get Noticed for iOS – Capture And Track Videos

getnoticedGet Noticed is a remarkable new App for iPhone and iPad that allows you to capture a video and quickly share it with a global audience. The idea is simple – you capture a video, upload to YouTube and share it with everyone. The unique selling proposition for this App would be its real time tracking and highlighting option that allows you to track people or objects in real time when the video is playing, which can then be later used for presentations or any other purpose.


The user interface of Get Noticed is truly well designed and executed. The design is quite modern and the colors are attractive. From the videos, you can highlight, track or edit the videos as these editing options are available inside the App. All your videos can be instantly viewed and you can share it directly via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Another fascinating part is that this App is brought to you by professional footballer – Guy Branston.


Overall, this is a good App for professionals. It’s free, so you can download it from here for iPhone and iPad.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10

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