Noreve Leather Case For iPad Air — A Review

NoreveNoreve is famous for its luxury cases for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and much more. The cases are sleek, elegant and have a handcrafted quality. Recently, Noreve brought out the Apple iPad Air leather case: Tradition-9106T. Sturdy and robust, the 9106T makes for a handsome case which also provides full protection of the tablet.


Noreve 9106T is a portfolio-style case with a fabulous part-folding back cover. This folded edge is used to slide the iPad Air into place after which it is securely fitted in. Twisting the fold pops the tablet out of the case. So you don’t need to click your device in or have a struggle trying to take it out. The inside of the front cover is ridged with three grooves which, in combination with the back cover fold, are used to prop up the tablet. This allows the iPad Air to be used for watching films, video conferencing, reading magazines or even for the ease of internet surfing. Each groove provides a slightly tilted position, while the clasp on the front cover can be used for a deeper fourth position.


The edges of the back cover have cutouts to provide access to all the functions. There are smooth openings for camera lens, flash, headphones jack, charging cable, mic, the on/off switch and other such functions. The Noreve case doesn’t use a snap closure mechanism, and the front cover is fitted with an automatic stand-by magnet. This mechanism puts the iPad Air into stand-by mode when the cover is shut.


The quality of the Noreve case itself is very elegant, while being very solidly built. Both the front and back cover are lined with extra padding which will ensure that your tablet can survive any falls and bumps. The padding will also protect the iPad Air from any scratches and nicks which are quite commonplace due to the nature of the usage of tablets. Although, this padding does add extra thickness and weight to the device. So there is a slight trade-off between the level of protection and the extra bulk. These cases come in an impressive range of colours and textures which is quite unique to Noreve, and also means that you are extremely likely to get the colour and design of your choice. The branding is minimal, with a sleek metallic logo fitted on the bottom-right of the front cover and the inside lining embossed with “Noreve.”


The Noreve 9106T case is a great combination of beauty, usability and sturdiness. If you’re someone who travels a lot and needs to use her iPad Air out in the open very often then you can’t do better than Noreve 9106T. It’ll add a touch of elegance to your daily business with the added peace of mind that if you drop it by mistake then your iPad Air will still be safe. You can purchase Noreve 9106T from $90.19. The price differs with different colour and texture.

Positive — Good protection and usability.

Negative — Adds extra bulk.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4.5/5

Disclaimer – This case was provided by Noreve for review purposes.

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