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MentioWith the iTunes library expanding every day with music from all over the world and with hundreds of Apps flowing into the App Store by the minute, it’s not surprising that our own list of films to watch, music to listen and Apps to download is ever growing. We are bombarded with recommendations of what to see and what to hear from the internet, TV, and our friends and family. How do we keep track of all the recommendations and our own choices? The answer is Mentio for iOS.


Divided into three categories — Music, Movie and App — Mentio helps you keep a list of your media wishes. There might be a film you wanted to watch but missed it in the cinemas; your friend recommended a new music album you want to get your hands on; you read a review of a great new strategy game that you wouldn’t mind trying. Yes, you do have the option to quickly jot it down on your Note App. But adding it to Mentio give you the full power of iTunes catalogue. Each song, film or App you search for links to iTunes. You can view all the tracks on an album, screenshots of an App or the synopsis of a film. And if you like you can purchase it then and there or leave it on the list for later. If you enjoyed something you can share it with your friends via e-mail, message or social media. The library you access depends on the country setting. So if you have selected UK as your country you may not be able to see a film which has only been released on the US App Store. Similarly, the price of each listing varies with each country.


Mentio has an elegant and highly intuitive user interface. It’s quick to add new items and you can delete them with just a swipe. There is a choice of two themes: grey or light, depending on your preference. A simple and clean App Mentio does exactly what it says on the box. When I spoke to the developer Martin Hartl, he confirmed that he’s currently working on the ability to add books and TV shows. This would only increase the usefulness of Mentio. Available for only £0.99, Mentio is definitely worth a download, especially for those who are prone to forget.

Martin Hartl has also kindly provided three promocodes for our readers to get this great App free. Enjoy!


You can download Mentio for $0.99 from the App Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 8/10

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