King Withdraws Application To Trademark ‘Candy’ In The US


According to a report by Kotaku, the developer behind Candy Crush Saga, ‘King’, has just announced a ceasefire in its fight to trademark the word ‘Candy’ in the United States of America. On Monday, they had allegedly withdrawn the application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for trademarking the word “Candy”.

According to Kotaku, this is the statement King issued to them:

King has withdrawn its trademark application for Candy in the U.S., which we applied for in February 2013 before we acquired the early rights to Candy Crusher. Each market that King operates in is different with regard to IP. We feel that having the rights to Candy Crusher is the best option for protecting Candy Crush in the U.S. market. This does not affect our E.U. trademark for Candy and we continue to take all appropriate steps to protect our IP.

A small protest that quickly gained traction, was also started by a group of Indie developers, called CandyJam, where they got developers to create and publish games with candy themes. Similarly, Albert Ransom, the developer behind CandySwipe went public in his opposition with King, claiming he had the right to keep his game on the market since his App was published two years prior Candy Crush’s release and that in fact Candy Crush had features similar to his game.

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